The Irish Underground was compiled by Johnny Davis and Hugh Murray for Sony Music. The track Sweet as an Angel was co-written by Joby Fox from Energy Orchard, Robyn Smyth and myself, Cara Robinson. The compilation brought together musicians and DJs from the North and South of Ireland and proved very successful.

David Holmes, This Film is Crap, Let's Slash the Seats Track Nine, Coming Home to the Sun, features lyrics and vocals written and performed by Cara Robinson. The CD was produced by David Holmes with additional production by Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns for the Sabres of Paradise, and Gary Irwin.

The Apache Tribe CD was produced to promote unsigned Northern Irish artists. Track one, Intro, was written and produced by Rik Arbuthnot and is performed by Desiato with Cara Robinson, who also wrote the vocals. The CD was sponsored by Tennents, and edited and mastered by one, zero, zero. The material remains the property of the artists.